Upcoming Activities

Trillium: Interprofessional Morning Report

September 22

An interactive session within the inpatient General Medicine service to discuss patient cases applying the principles of Interprofessional Education. Open to 3rd and 4th year medical learners and learners from all other health professions.


For registration and inquiries, please contact: interprofessionaledreg@trilliumhealthpartners.ca

Seniors Outreach Program

September 22

 •  Do you like volunteering your time with seniors?
•  Do you want to meet other health professional students?
•  Do you want to understand health experiences in the community?
•  Do you want  IPE credits?

Program Overview: Groups of three students from different healthcare faculties will be matched to a senior in the community, whom they will visit throughout the year, on a mutually convenient basis.

Program Goals:
The ultimate goals of this program are:
1.To improve the quality of life of isolated seniors in the Toronto area by reducing isolation and providing comfort and compassion through a therapeutic human connection.
2. To provide students from the various Health Science Programs with the opportunity to improve communication and teamwork skills, learn about other healthcare professions, and reflect on how students with different healthcare backgrounds and perspectives can contribute to a common goal. 

In order to gain credits as part of the University of Toronto Interprofessional Education curriculum, students must:

  1. Visit their assigned senior in interprofessional groups of three a minimum of six times between October and April (i.e., approximately once per month).

  2. Log the dates and times of each visit throughout the year.

  3. Coordinate with the other team members to ensure that at least two students are present for each visit, though ideally all three students will be present for each visit.

  4. Complete two, one-page written personal reflections discussing their experiences in the program and what they have learned, one due January and the other due May.

  5. Attend and actively participate in one facilitated debrief session.

If interested in this interprofessional education opportunity, please fill out this application form no later than 11:59PM ON SEPTEMBER 22.   Successful applicants will be contacted by SEPTEMBER 29TH.  We look forward to hearing from you!




Senior Interprofessional Project - Certificate of Interprofessional Collaboration

September 26

The IPE Curriculum Portfolio is delighted to announce a new opportunity for senior students! The Senior Interprofessional Project, Certificate of Interprofessional Collaboration have been developed and designed for senior health profession students. This is a unique opportunity where students will partner with a community organization to address an area of enhancement while developing collaborative leadership skills and interprofessional team competencies. Students wishing to engage in more specialized collaborative learning opportunities may apply to complete one of the following project themes:

  1. Collaboration in Mental Health
  2. Collaboration in Aging
  3. Collaboration in Chronic Health Challenges

Each project theme will provide students with deeper learning and experiences that will support enhanced patient/client care and leadership skills.

It is highly recommended that students review the criteria of the Senior IP Project to ensure a full understanding of the commitment and requirement to the program. Please click on the HERE to view the criteria. 

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Applicant must have completed the first year of their professional program.
  2. Applicant must complete the online application form within the given deadlines.
  3. The applicant must prepare a statement explaining why and how it is anticipated that the project will enhance his/her development of interprofessional competencies. Critical and reflective language, interest and interprofessional context as it relates to the project theme will be considered in the selection process. 
  4. The selection committee will ensure that a mix of students from various programs are selected to bring interprofessional perspectives to the project.

Applications are now OPEN!

Application Opening: September 1st, 2017

Application Closing: September 15th, 2017 by 11:59pm

Please apply at: http://ipe.utoronto.ca/webform/senior-ip-project-applications