Upcoming Activities

Health Care Team Challenge: Audience - The Challenge

February 27

The HCTC™ is a clinical cased-based challenge between two or more interprofessional teams of students representing a variety of health professions.  Student participants receive an initial patient/client scenario in advance of the live learning activity.  Teams are instructed to work collaboratively to formulate a patient/client-centered plan of care.  On the day of the HCTC™, the teams present their plan in front of a live audience of their peers, faculty and a panel of judges . Then teams are presented with additional information relevant to the case, challenging each team to ‘think on its feet’ to incorporate the new information. The audience asks questions and provides feedback on the presentations.   Teams are assessed by an interprofessional panel of judges that may include the patient/client or family member, faculty, administrators, practicing community-based professional and/or care team.  Teams are judged on both the quality of the management plan and the level of collaboration.  

Bridgepoint: Sessions in Accredited Interprofessional Learning (SAILs) - Advanced Practice Nursing for Wound Care and Management

February 28

New name for the previous title, "Bridgepoint Lunch & Learns", as of January 2017.

PResneter: Katie Reid, RN, BScN, BA(Hons), IIWCC, MPH



To register, please contact: Katherine Brown, Katherine.Brown@sinaihealthsystem.ca
Please include your full name and email in the body of your message.

Trillium: Antimicrobial Stewardship Elective

February 28

Learn why Antimicrobial Stewardship is essential to patient safety in preventing hospital-acquired infections due to organisms such as C. difficile and Pseudomonas aeruginosa that cause morbidity and mortality in a healthcare setting.



For registration and inquiries, please contact: interprofessionaledreg@trilliumhealthpartners.ca